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    Trusted mechanics in Muswellbrook

    Every time you open your car door and climb in, you want to know it won't fail you.  Your car needs to be loved, cherished and nurtured, by people who care - and no team cares more than Zack's Automotive. Our experienced mechanics have been providing first-rate automotive services to a wide range of customer throughout Muswellbrook and the surrounding areas since 1998. We look after every car that comes into our workshop as if it is our own and take pride knowing that when you drive your car away, you are driving a safe and reliable vehicle.

    Here are just a few reasons why Zack’s Automotive is one of the best in the automotive business:

    • Service and repair on all makes and models
    • Easy and affordable log book servicing
    • Same-day service where possible
    • We work with radiators, exhaust systems and air conditioning
    • Online pink slips are available
    • We work alongside NRMA roadside assistance and recovery – helping motorists with all their vehicle needs
    • We have been a member of the Capricorn Finance Service since 2009

    We are a part of Repco Authorized Service Centre

    zacks automotive repco authorized service

    State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment

    We use up-to-date diagnostic equipment to ensure that every test we complete is fully comprehensive.

    Our technologically advanced equipment means you have peace of mind knowing that every electrical system and individual part is working correctly.

    Trained and professional team

    Our staff are highly trained and we follow a stringent recruitment process to ensure that we only employ quality skilled people who really care about our customers.As part of their ongoing training, all our staff undertake regular and rigorous professional development courses. To our staff, cars are not just a job, but a hobby too!  Should you call on them at home, you will find them tinkering on their own projects in their own time!

    Serving the community

    It's important to us to be part of the Muswellbrook and surrounding community, and we love to give back.

    By sponsoring various sports teams - kids’ soccer, ladies/mixed basketball and the U15s netball team, we are showing our support, while thanking those around us for supporting us.

    For a free quote on any of our automotive services,
    give us a call on 02 6541 4466 today.

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